...free of hocus-pocus*! Can it be? Yes!--
A form of buddhism for this "latter day of the law" was taught by the sage Nichiren during the 13th century in Japan has been kept pure and straightforward first by Nikko Shonin, later by Nichikan Shonin, and finally by the Soka Gakkai ("value-creation society"), during the 20th century, despite severe persecution around the time of the second world war, and despite constant efforts by some to elitite-ize the priesthood, idolize the high priest or other religious leaders, deny some people's potential for enlightement (and possibly also deny certain people's "dark side" as well), or add on pseudo-mystic elements (i.e., hocus-pocus*..).
Its practice can greatly enhance life and awaken one's Buddha-nature. Some links I found that seem to pretty much accurately describe it:
  • More info on What the SGI is about.
  • The practice of Nichiren Daishonin's buddhism.

    *definition of hocus pocus- any theory asserting that there is some kind of entity outside yourself "controlling" you, "deciding your fate" or pulling the strings of your puppet-like existence

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