Thoughts On Omnicient String-pulling Creators

12/29 Why do people feel they must believe that there is some kind of omnicient "creator" pulling the strings of our puppet-like existence? What kind of (..meta-?) creator is pulling the strings of HIS (why not her...?) puppet-like existence? What is really happening is, people want so much to be free of their destiny, feeling trapped by it. So they dream up a being that IS free of destiny, and try to behave favorably toward this being, whatever that means. ( And since they don't know what that means, or at least are very unclear about it, they interpret various words of wisdom in ways to optimize their immediate satisfaction) But we are, in fact free; the trouble is, we just find it difficult to even imagine this possibility-we've been taught our whole lives that we're not. We are free to respond in many different ways to each turn of events in our lives. Our true freedom lies here; we have many possible responses to any situation we find ourselves in, and our response to our present circumstances will determine our future circumstances.The natural big question is, are our present circumstances solely the result of our thoughts and actions up til now? And does every thought and action we conciously undertake affect the path of our future lives? This is the basic hypothesis of Buddhism.
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