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The following 4 links bring you to some Recent pics from a visit to Alan's, in Boulder, Colorado, the west-central bastion of 'poor'... dubys's "axis of evil" (Ithaca to the east, and Berkely to the west:

Dusky Flycatcher, along a road in foothills.

Raven, on Green Mountain just West of Boulder.

White Admiral Butterfly, also on Green Mountain. (for those of you with big screens, it seems...)

General "mountain panorama", taken somewhere to the west of Boulder.

Here are some timeless photos from around Ithaca:

Dave(L) and Alan(R), using ecological transportation of the future (feet-power!) on a nearby hilltop overlooking the lake:

Here's Dave during a canoe trip on a nearby stream:

At the piano in my teaching studio:

Here I am having my favorite fun:

...and here's some.... NEW PICS: (as of 8/2002)
1).. HERE's a GIANT pic of Dave sitting on a branch with his skinny legs dangling...
(...and a funny expression on his face...(and hey, look, he's sprouted some whiskers, too...))

2. ...and, a Close-up of Dave playing piano
(so close that only a couple of hands are visible...)

Here you'll have a view of a boulder in a bolder boulder" (CO., that is...) (on the west end of town, of course) ...

3. ....and, ...here's yet another (our newest...) view of Dave , thanks to Sarah's good eye and quickness!

LOOKATTHIS bluebird! ( Sarah got this picture, on "Pleasant Valley road" or something like that.)

And check out this Yellow Crowned Night Heron Sarah got on a recent trip to Florida.

More Birds:

Here's a Savannah Sparrow....

...And a Florida Scrub Jay...

Not to mention an Egret.

And I think THIS is a Burrowing Owl (in Fla.).

H4>And check out this Rattler I almost stepped on one day! (in the flatirons in CO)
Here are a couple of ...'birds'.... with a very complex song...

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