Dave Streater, Piano Performance


Some recordings of Dave's performances of "classical music": (note-- for performances of original compositions, please go back one level to main page and click on "Music Composition"). Dates given here are the dates on which the piece was recorded.
(better quality coming soon!)
Chopin, Etude Op. 10, #6 (9/04)
Chopin, Etude, Op. 25, #7 (3/03).
Chopin, Etude, Op 10, #3 (10/04)

Recent and upcoming Performances:

Here's Blue Cayuga Jazz at the Ithaca festival, '07.
You'll notice no bass or drums..
Yes, some serious karmic obstacles did indeed raise their ugly heads; among them, a broken string bass..


July 4, 2007

, I will be returning with a trio--bass, viola, and piano- to the

central commons is Corning, NY

--Also, I also often show up at "jazz night", Thursday nights, at ABC Cafe (Stewart Ave. and Buffalo Street (in Ithaca, NY)-- starts around 9:30)
.--And am likely to turn up playing music in various other places , too. (with various bands, in various genres --usually classical or jazz-- and possibly on bass as well as piano...).
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