Governor George E. Pataki
State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224

Dear Governor Pataki:
__I am writing to ask that you please sign The OPMC Reform
Bill, A4274b immediately, and espedite its implementation.

__I have recently heard that you have been slow to sign this bill, for some reason.

Here is my experience, which I related to you before, when I asked you to support these measures:

__I live in central N.Y., and I have recently recovered from lyme disease and 2 other tickborne diseases. I NEVER COULD HAVE RECOVERED IF I HADN'T HAVE FOUND A "LYME-LITERATE DOCTOR", which I COULD NOT FIND IN NEW YORK-- I had to go OUT OF STATE to get treatment! After I relapsed twice following the "standard treatment" for lyme disease, I was told that there was "nothing they could do" by doctors here. To get to a doctor who could treat my diseases I had to travel hundreds of miles when I was very sick. I MIGHT AS WELL HAVE BEEN IN BOSNIA!!

__ As I fought these diseases, it became apparent that there is something seriously wrong with the way the "OPMC" functions in New York state. Doctors who are prescribing the treatments that got me well have been repeatedly hounded and persecuted.

__From what I understand, the bill A4274b would address these problems. Even if it is not perfect, it is a start-- the situation is dire, and we need you to please sign this bill now.
Dave Streater
102 Homestead Rd
Ithaca, NY 14850
(607) 272-5015

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