Japan, nowadays, is home to some of the most forward-thinking peace activists around. However, a few persons from that country are still MURDERERS, killing whales! Whales are sentient beings that HAVE LEARNED to live harmoniously with the earth, unlike certain other supposedly sentient beings we UM, UH,... know about.....
Please support greenpeace and do everything you can to prevent this slaughter!

In America, though, uh,..'we' (...'we'... almost never includes me (though being an ex- car addict, I have occasional lapses...), please do observe!_) massacre HUMANS, not whales..
And not even only humans of middle-eastern heritage (as our war-mongering despotic leader gee dubya nush seems to be wishing for!)

So PLEASE STOP being an abuser of the most deadly (when abused, which is almost whenever it is used, here in 'amerika') device on the planet!
For treatment, go HERE!!
And here's another source of possible inspiration. Lamenrably, though we might need more "militancy" ( though I hate to use that word). But it's PEACEFUL militancy, in this case- I guess the world needs lots more of that!!!

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