Here's a letter to the editor

that I wrote awhile ago to encourage our local paper to break ranks with the larger part of the ....'media'..., and get to the bottom of what REALLY happened in that, ...'election'...

Dear Editor, Given what I've seen from reputable sources (for example, People For the American Way, and many others as well, including foreign sources who have been very reliable in the past), the recent ...'election'.. was a complete farce. Data correlating exit poll discrepancies, always mysteriously in the 'republicans'' favor, with 'new' electronic voting mechanics are completely indicative of massive fraud on a scale never seen before! WHY is this not getting into the news in this country? Once upon a time, headlines would literally be screaming about such things! I hope the Ithaca Journal can distinguish itself by investigating this fully, not stopping until the bottom of this scandal is found! Thank you for taking courageous action on this! Americans really do want democracy, not a corporate dictatorship or fascist government in which the paper reports only the "official line". We have been suckered, in a most insidious way. Please get out there and find out what really happened. And report it!
Dave Streater, Ithaca.

The number for the League of Conservation Voters' is 202-785-8683.
It might help to call them and ask them if anything is being done (we haven't heard about the progress of any invesigations, since the state- controlled ...'media'.. won't report it...(IF anything is, indeed, happening...))
Please also write letters to editors- we must keep doing this! We can't let the scumbags rest until their fraud is brought to light and they are brought to justice!

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