Notes for "invention 2, for trumpet and trombone"

(composed 1992-1994, translated to “standard rhythmic notation” 1999.)

"Invention II",

for trumpet and trombone

I wrote this piece in 1992 while learning about digital music and synthesizers from excellent composer, keyboardist, and friend David Borden (I don't know the link as I write this, but he has a web page you can find if you want to check out his music). This recording is of a realization on a yamaha TX802 synthesizer (it's actually a recording with a hend-held cassette player of what came through the speakers of the system the Tx802 was plugged into; accordingly, the sound quality ...'leaves much to be desired'.. (but note the single quotes -the better the sound the more you would find lacking because it's not a LIVE PERFORMANCE!, for which there is, of course, no substitute. So, actually, the odd background noise and funny resonances just might be desirable, these days.) After this, in the same track, is a recording, in that same room, of a realization of my "new-age fugue", "multicolored stardrops", on the TX802, in conjunction with a Yamaha TX81z, with some interesting doublings added for enhancement. The subject is a "tone row" in which all tones of the standard western chromatic scale appear in succession. The subject is usually repeated with a slight variation, in subject statements. Also I make use of "rhythmic counterpoint" in some of the episodic sections. At one point a distortion of the subject becomes a sort of "ostinato", over which other bits of the subject appear. This music is copyright, Dave Streater (i.e., I encourage performance of this stuff - I just would like to be notified of any such, and recognized on the program, etc., as long as nobody's making any kind of dough off it. (And if by some miraculous occurance somebody does use or is considering using these compositions for any commercial purposes, I'd have to be contacted and receive some token of the proceeds... ...) Dave Streater

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