Now we have scumbag ...'attorney generals'.... like @$$crroft ISSUING AND INTREPRETING, in an extreme way, our precious LAWS! That's NOT how our democracy is supposed to work!!!!

If this bastard wants to change the laws, he's supposed to bring it to Congress!! Not just unilaterally disobey the law and then tell us, "well, yeah we got a new version of this law, bud.....", "And YOU ARE SCREWED." ... "You're only allowed the information that I trust you with." --- "--which pretty much what the, uh, FOX in the chicken coop is gonna tell you is true!! . This is what's been going down for the past several years.Now, I don't totally agree with these 'EPIC' folks, but they perhaps make some good points.. Things are pretty much totally out of hand and we are going to need to fight hard to protect America now!
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