Congress Buys Baby bush a Yacht and Cuts Clean Water

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Congress is spending TWO MILLION BUCKS of my and your hard- earned dough, to buy a ...'presidential yacht'...while, in the very same bill, they slashed the Environmental ProtectionAgency's (EPA) budget for sewage treatment by 20% !!AND NOTHING has been done on the sorry state of health care IN THIS THIRD WORLD COUNTRY, 'amerika' (where it may or may not matter if you vote...)!!Tell Congress to get its priorities straight and put our health ahead of luxury cruises for scum like george bush!

Take Action Now!

At a time of record budget deficits, tell Congress what you think oftheir spending priorities.

Congress slashed EPA's budget by $277 million!

Water, Water, Everywhere (Except in this Budget!) The largest single
reduction in the EPA budget is funds for reducing sources of pollution
including sewage plants, water purification facilities, and targeted
pollution-prevention investments.

Research Takes a Hit. The Bush Administration frequently talks about basing
policy on "sound science" yet cut EPA's Science and Technology programs.

Superfund: Polluters Make the Mess, Taxpayers Pay for Cleanup. The Superfund
program is based on the principle that polluting companies should be held
accountable for the messes they make, yet this budget effectively abandons
the "polluter pays" principle by failing to call for reinstatement of the
Superfund fees to pay for the program.

Don't let Congress and the President get away with cutting the EPA's budget
while buying a presidential yacht.
Tell Congress to get their priorities straight.

We should never have to make the choice between funding for sewage
treatment, Superfund, research, and a presidential yacht.


You can also call 202-785-8683.
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