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Ithaca, NY

music ("classical", jazz): performance (piano), piano lessons, music composition

urban ecology / transportation-action: TA (Transportation Alternatives), Green Party, Union of Concerned Scientists, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Transportaion Options, environment, Alliance for a Paving Moratorium, other auto-free, car-free; bicycle & other alternative transportation advocate...

recreation: sailing &windsurfing, cross-country skiing

email: nocarsdave@clarityconnect.com


WARNING: READING (not just...'viewing', of course-- theres a DIFFERENCE, you know!..)
the following pages may inspire the tendency, abhorred in our american automoburbian "buy- this- no- buy- that- well- buy- something- before- your- money- can't- buy- ANYTHING- because- we- can- hardly- cut- down- enough- trees- to- print- enough- money- to- build- enough- weapons- to- keep- enough- oil- coming- in- to- keep- our- ***- cars- spewing- poison- in- that- daily- ratrace- that- we- waste- so- much- of- our- valuable- time- energy- and- life- perpetuating"......TV CULTURE... to ................THINK CLEARLY!!! (so now, since you had the opportunity to tire your eyes squinting to read the fine print, you can't sue ME (it wouldn't do you any good monetarily, even if you won, anyway!) if you read this and as a result, start thinking clearly and are therefore rejected by american society, discriminated against in every area of your life, denied employment, or even institutionalized!)

Transportation (prime ecological...)

1) The New AIDS, by Dave Streater
2) Transportation as a Peace Issue, by Alan Streater
3) Transportation Alternatives (NYC)
4) Coalition for Alternative Transportation
5) Auto-free Ottawa
6) The Full Cost of the ** CAR
(**please excuse the vulgarity- i.e., the deleteted but appropriate, or rather, essential, expletive!)
7) City of Ithaca Bicycle Advisory Council

Some Other Ecological Considerations and Action

(..Secondary, compared to Transportation reform, but still monstrously important...)
And they sawed...
We can STOP SAWING!***
...but, how do we find the strength in the depths of our lives to stop this pitiful sawing., and build true happiness there instead?

***-In case this link dies: HERE will be the place to click for the same info!)
(I'll fix it as soon as I notice! -in the meantime, you can search under environmental activism, peace, human rights, animal rights, etc.)

...AND THERE ARE YET MORE ways to STOP SAWING on those branches under us--
--Note: If only we could end this state of being so divided into all these little groups. To DO ANYTHING we need to all GET TOGETHER- perhaps under the banner of the Green Party, I would suggest. This is of course difficult for us, because our ranks (necessarily) contain all of the people who are both intelligent enough to see and courageous enough to act on our vision, and people with both intelligence and courage are the hardest in the world to get together on anything! But we CAN DO IT- We MUST- we are at the end of our rope; of our lifeline, as it were.....! Spread the word, in whatever way you can! ...Well excuse the tirade-- here's the continuation of the list:
(especially any I find out about that that I didn't see on the list linked "Other Ecological...")
Worldwatch Institute-- a prime source of totally objective and forward-looking information containing lots of numerical data; i.e., lots of dismal statistics, but if you wade through these (and overcome any depression you encounter as a result of THINKING...), you get to some really well-thought-out ideas on some of the things we really need to do, and other things we might want to try, to ensure the future well-being of the children of the world who will have to deal with what we leave them!
(To go directly to some of their essays, click this hypertext!)

Zero Population Growth-- Now heres a group who notices that poulation is the most pressing issue for human beings at this time-- the way things are rapidly going, if we DON'T take the bull by the horns and completely reduce our population growth to 0 within the next 50 years, we will witness (and be part of!...) the most intense misery ever faced by humanity. It is interesting to observe that the use of ANY MEANS POSSIBLE, to prevent this catastrophe will probably cause less suffering than to do nothing, or less than nothing (as the so-called "conservative" (certainly a misnomer here!) politicians say they want...(perhaps having interpreted certain religios teachings with a nihilistic twist?)). Of course I'm too much of an optimist to advocate violence in any way, but if our numbers increase much more our very existence becomes violence by definition!
(I'd even go so far as "TWO OR LESS, OR YOU'RE A *** MASS- MURDERER!" (alot more of one than any abortionist ever is!!!-THINK about it!))
(***)expletive deleted--excuse the vulgarity!)

Natural Resources Defence Council-- (These guys seem o.k., from what I've read.)

Green Party (Ireland) or Green Parties in America--(the key to undoing our fragmentation-- they're starting to really do it in some countries!--see comment above!

People For the American Way
--not what you might suspect- these folks are in fact working to preserve and restore what the "founding fathers" had in mind in 1783 or thereabouts, as far as liberty and basic rights go-- that is, the real American ideal, not all this 'patriotic' b.s. that's being bandied about these days by the reigning corporate dictatorship!
And here's another source "to expand and inspire the movement for environmental sustainability" (all kinds of interesting looking links;I've tested many as of 7/27/97):
Institute for Global Communications.

Now, WHICH OF US IS ACTUALLY DOING ALL THIS SAWING-on those wonderful branches on which we sit? (click the hypertext for what most of us know but that some of us don't have the COURAGE to admit.)

..Now here is One thing we can all to to help slow the progress of the world as it careens down those proverbial tubes which are being greased diligently by numerous leaders who, mislead and coerced by anti-environmental interests of various sorts waving wads of greenish gray paper, keep their heads pointedly in the sand: WRITE TO THEM! I try to do this to ... (click the hypertext above for the rest of my little spiel and some (as current as I can manage, but I may have difficulty at times maintaining this section) examples...)


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