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Note- the compositions on this page are copyrighted by the author. (Dave Streater, unless otherwise noted) If you would like to perform or record one of these pieces, please contact Dave Streater at the e-mail above.

List of Some Compositions by Dave Streater
With Links For Notation And Sound

(note: due to the corporate dictatorship's oppression via "update fever", and resulting incompetence of amerikan techology industries, you may need to use old versions of pdf viewers or mp3 players to read and play some of the music on this page!)

- - click "hot" text to see the notated music for the composition named in that text.
sound is available for some of these; for these there is a "hot text" sound link, parenthesized, usually after the link to notation for a compositions for which sound is available, unless it's the only link (i.e. notation not yet availanle...). You may need some kind of mp3 "plug-in"-- on my computer they play on "internet explorer" but not on 'netcape' (on which ...'cookies'... control is also deficient)

The longer compositions may take considerable time to load-- they are "pdf" files. Due to a bug in one of the programs used, you may get an error message going between pages (from p1 to p2 of Flute and piano scherzo, for example- but, at least on a mac, it's no big deal- you just click the "o.k." box and continue on your merry way....)

When sound files are available, for the time being they'll be "mp3" files. The quality's not great, mainly because the originals were either1) recorded with pretty deficient equipment, or 2) were stored on media which has degraded considerably, and 3) because they must be substantially compressed so I can fit as many as possible into a small amount of memory...
The sound files, too, may take an even longer time to load, depending on whether your program automatically "streams ", and depending on the connection speed, etc.... Well, enjoy, and please let me know about any problems--DS... (there is an email link above)

Inventions and Fugues
Invention #1 (copyright 1977, Dave Streater)
Invention #2, for somewhat monsterly Trombone and Trumpet (copyright 1992)
Invention #2, for Trombone and Trumpet revision with fewer of those sucky-high notes...(copyright 1992)
invention 2, transcribed for piano by the author (performed around 1996, at SUNY Binghamton, among other places...)Notes about Invention 2, for trumpet and trombone (copyright 1992, Dave Streater)
[Invention #2, for trumpet and trombone, sound file PLUS a "synthetic enhancement" of "Multicolored Stardrops"]) (copyright 1992, Dave Streater-- sound file generated with Yamaha TX802 and TX81z synthesizers by the author, Dave Streater)
Fugue #1 (3-voice in style of J.S.Bach, for keyboard instrument, 1977)
Fugue #2 (4 voice, in style of JS Bach- first page lost; may reconstruct...,1977)
Multi-colored StarDrops: a new-age fugue for violin, viola, and cello
(copyright 1992-1996, Dave Streater) -Notation file (translated to 'readable' notation, 1996)
Notes about Multi-colored StarDrops (copyright 1994-1999(rev.), Dave Streater)
CAUTION-- the following, though well worth it, might take about a "muleyear to load .... (ie, the time it takes a mule to trot one lightyear)...-sorry about that; one of these days I'll see if I can compress it more!--DS-- actually, about 10-15 minutes on this computer, it seemed.
[MultiColored StarDrops- a new-age fugue for violin, viola, and cello] (copyright 1994, Dave Streater) --sound file for the above, performed on a korg synthizer by the author, Dave Streater)
I also sequenced an enhanced version (since the string sounds were so lame) on the Cornell synths-- see the above link and comment for invention #2.

Menuet and trio for solo piano (c1996)

Sonata, solo piano (around 1994)
...changes WILL happen whether we like them or not, so
........let's make changes we will LIKE, whether or NOT we, ..er..
...........'like' them....
I. (DREAMILY, not just, ....youknow,...um,... 'dreamily'....)
ii. poco rubato
iii. Allegro (mm=144-160)
Scherzo, flute and piano, 1997 (copyright 1997, Dave Streater)

Notes about 1997 Flute and piano scherzo... (copyright 1997, Dave Streater)

BreakThroughs-- short work for orchestra, 1997 (Binghamton U.).

Sonimprovata #1 c. (1973-1976) (consolidated 1991)
i. How I feel now
(1973)ii. A lost song about a lost love
(1972)iii. From Charisse (1976)
Sonimprovata #2 (copyright 1978-1992, Dave Streater) (consolidated 1992)
i. Open and Offer your Life for Peace (Allegro Ritmatico/Andante with blunt sour notes)
ii. The age of pain is loving you. (Adagio)
iii. Face! The new Face! of reality (Angularly Mechanicissimo)
[Performance of Sonimprovata 2, movement i, "Open And Offer your Life for Peace"]; kind of a "quick and dirty" not-too long version.
[Performance of Sonimprovata 2, movement ii.iii], recorded live at SUNY Binghamton Casedesus Recital hall in 1997-- I play it much better now, but there was some cool excitement in this performance that'd be hard to match (it was recorded on a tiny handheld recorder by a student in the audience, and later I digitalized it).
(WARNING- its about 20 minutes long, so takes even longer than this to load! (unless you have that "streaming audio" and a fast computer that can handle it...)-- it's 5.6 megabytes... but it could be worth it, if you like slightly crazy "hot" piano music. )
Songs: (i.e., jazz tunes with words)
In This Melody, 1978 (copyright 1978, Dave Streater) (with first couple of verses only; click link below for the remaining lyrics...)
Complete Lyrics for In This Melody, 1978 (copyright 1978, Dave Streater)
It's So Sad (copyright 1979)
Pain Is Loving You, 1978, (copyright 1978, Dave Streater)
--another, uh, youknow,...'love'.... song....
(movement ii. of Sonimprovata II, "The Age of Pain Is Loving You", is based on this song, so you can kind of hear how it goes somewhat by listening to that. (That's the first part of the piece linked to above with the 20 minute loading-time warning, "performance of Sonimprovata 2, movement ii, iii"...)
to LIVE!, whether or NOT we, um, youknow, uh,... ...'live'... ...
LIGHTHOUSE (words by "Chazmyn" of "Lymenet, Music by Dave Streater) ("HaplyCarlessdave"))
Complete LIGHTHOUSE lyrics- by fellow lyme disease fighter, Chazmyn, of "Lymenet", "dedicated to Caregivers and lymefighters" in her words (which didn't quite get into that ...'pdf' file I went through so much pain to make (but still couldn't get the font I wanted))
Jazz (songs without words, or at least whose words are not yet known):
Better Days (1977 or thereabouts, Copyright Dave Streater)
(Better Days) (or Daze, depending on how THE DAY is going..)--
"mp3" sound file from a recording of a casual jam we ("blue cayuga jazz"- featuring Pierpaulo on clarinet, Piruz on bass, and Caryn Christianson on drums) used to do at the greenstar coop market on saturdays
New Adventures (1994 or thereabouts, Copyright Dave Streater)
(New Adventures) -- somewhat quick and dirty piano performance..

Charisse (This one also found it's way into "Sonimprovata #1" (movement iii.))

Comming UP!(Copyright 1999, Dave Streater)

Other Musical projects I've been involved in:
(The following was my first try at sound-- not totally happy with it-- I think I need to have "streaming audio". Actually, I have now heard that it depends on the player- so you might well be able to have it "stream", so that you don't have to wait so long for it to load, if you have a fancy enough browser (one of the ones I'm always slighting...) ...
Well, now that I'm starting to feel saomewhat comfortable with this stuff, I'm starting to post some performances of some of my compositions, too. But most of these will involve a bit of work (getting players and recording, or sequencing, to give the pieces any real justice... But those of us with "sound imaginations" can nevertheless get an idea of some of my stuff here; the rest of us will have to wait until a miracle occurs and I finally get around to doing some real recording... ....; please accept my apologies.) "He Could Be Taken" is a song recorded by a rock band I played with after high school (the year before I went to music school). This song was written by Bob Tome, excellent guitarist and song writer. who I will try to contact; I'm sure he would have no problem with my posting it, since I was so involved in the project but please be advised that the song is not to be copied without permission of "Maw Brown", (there were 5 of us, presumable still living- but you got me where!...) I will say, though, it's too bad we couldn't have kept this thing going- it's partly my fault, of course, for getting "sucked into" classical music and jazz; doing what I had to do..... Keep in mind this was done in very few takes, on a tight budget..... Also, due to some deterioration of the analogue media (ie vinyl record), as well as the loss during digitalization, you'll hear some noise and scratches....Note- to play this, you need a program or "plug-in" that can play MP3 files- it's low resolution, about 3 MB, but may play if you click the link. (depending on your web browser) For me. at this point internet explorer recognizes it correctly (as soon as I added ".mp3" to the filename). However, ...'Netscape navigator'.... still opens it as a garbage text file.
[He Could be TAKEN, by Tome, arr. Maw Brown] (circa '73)
And yes, here's another one, for all you old "maw brown" fans: [Supermarket Suite, by Tome]
(write me; I love to hear from you folks -- I've heard from a few of you folks, or from your families, as of this date!)
(--or players, too- I now know at least TWO of us are still kickin'!)
(Also, if you have a net page, send the address, and I'll make a link. Maybe we can have a big reunion jam one of these days. (start practicing, BB!))

Well, I managed to wrangle a little more memory, so get ready for some more stuff... (I'm putting up the music and words (written) to "In This Melody" right now....And now, movement 2 and 3 of "Sonimprovata2 is on there, too(as of 2/1/03)....) (1/30/03, DaveS.) (...and more.... (but there's some new pieces antsyin' to be written, so I'll have to take another break on this ...'web development'... ... (but I hope maybe these pages are an early example of WEB DEVELOPMENT!; that is, perhaps some real good will come of it... (seems like a possiblity depending on how many READERS! (not just, youknow,... ...'readers'...) ... there are on "the net")))) To Dave Streater's home page