...And they sawed

....the branches...

.......on which they sat.
And called out to each other what they had learned,
How one could saw in a better way.
Those who watched them shook their heads,

....And continued to saw ...

........With EVER-INCREASING VIGOR........

- -Bertold Brecht

(Clearly Brecht might have replaced"they" by "we" (and "them" by us, naturally..) in the above!..
(...But only YOU (and I) can justify his use of the past tense!)) Lets STOP SAWING- it IS POSSIBLE! --> For help and inspiration (and perhaps some pertinent information!) see the sites hyper-ref'd on (WARNING- clicking this link may ...ruin'... your life (i.e., CLEAR your mind, awaken a sense of responsibility and cause you to all kind of things that subject you to persecution by the corporate dictatorship, which could be quiye serious....) this page. (especially under the headings, "Transportation", and "Some Other Ecological Considerations and Action".(wgere you'll of course find, complete with recursive parens, this page...))
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