WHO Is Sawing?

  • YOU-- If you have a car, you are already sawing at a clip that is well beyond sustainable (yes, the branches on which we sit are living, so are (slowly) growing; thus, if one's rate of sawing is slower than the branches rate of growth, it will be sustainable.). But if you are taking personal action on our population crises, you have reduced your rate of sawing by a factor of 2/c, where c is the number of children you ultimately have. (thus if c=1 you cut your rate of sawing in half, but if c>2 you INCREASE your rate of sawing the branches under us....(by a tremendous amount!))
  • ME!--Yes, I, too am sawing. But I somehow have managed to become fortunate enough to eternally ask myself how I can reduce my rate of sawing to a clearly sustainable level, and how I can then take this action to the best (which has often turned out to be better than what I at one time dreamed was the best...) of my ability...

    Now we get to some more horrendous crimes- those who are SAWING THE BRANCHES ON WHICH WE SIT WITH A CHAINSAW, as it were....(ruining the earth at a truly frightening and clearly not even close to sustainable rate!).The examples are, lamentably, too numerous to list any more than a smattering.- maybe some day I'll make it so any one can add suggestions to which I can reply after doing some research, but that will have to wait....so here are a few:(most pretty well-known)
  • Monsanto-(see below for more links, and please send me any you find!)-- setting loose into the environment labratory-designed genetically altered organisms and pesticide-resistant plants with unclear consequences for the future. Famous for "roundup-ready soybeans" that are genetically engineered to be more resistant to herbicides and pesticides. Also the maker of cotton plants that produce the toxin in Bt, a naturally occurring bacteria used in organic farming , and whose use thus threatens to result in Bt-resistant bugs, seriously threatening organic farming. (see numerous publications (be sure the sources is REALLY third party-see comments in Sierra's article, among others, about paid "grassroots activists", etc.)
    NOT ONLY THAT- but its really hard to find out ANYTHING truthful about these slick criminals. These poor (POOR, not ...'poor' monetarily - that's for sure!!) hardened murderers have so much money and paid inside influence, that they somehow managed to wrongfully wrangle some award from the whitehouse for environmental- ENVIRONMENTAL- CAN YOU BELIEVE?- 'responsibity'-, even though they've benn constantly embroiled in lawsuits up to their ears by people exposed to their products, and just lost a lawsuit for discrimination, for almost TWO MILLION DOLLARS (so they're THAT too, and STILL are even CONSIDERED for awards from the US government??!!-think how much additional bribe money THAT must have cost 'em!), AND IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT they produce some of the most ecologically questionable compounds and organisms IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND!
    AND IF THAT's NOT ENOUGH.... Monsanto is now the producer of the infamous poison, "Nutrasweet" or aspartame which they induced- through information supression and saturation advertising- thousands of people having trouble with weight to take during the last decade. (automobile victims, for the most part, of course, and naturally enough, since Monsanto is a chemical company that ..'makes use of' (maybe...more like, "makes more poisonous, then exposes people to" is more like it..?) all those petroleum distillates left over in the production of gasoline.)
    (note that this is not such an unknown pattern for these kniving sleazsters- it's disturbingly similar to the situation with their "Roundup" herbicide and "Roundup-ready" soybeans genetically engineered to withstand more Roundup, so they make more sales of this poison!)
    Of course, I know that if they find this page, they'll probably snuff me out like a candle; if not a-la Karen Quinlan (which seems not at all unlikely, from what I've seen), in the 'new' way- paying bribes to make my net page unfindable, as well as spreading rumors and doing research an any "skeletons in the closet" I might be hiding (I got bad news for 'em there though....) Note that they have completely clogged the net with propaganda, and if you think you've finally found a non-Monsanto site about Monsanto (by, for example searching for Monsanto NOT(monsanto.com)) and even then wading through several pages of propaganda (yes, they even thought of that!), don't get your hopes up too fast, for it's likely you'll get a "site not found" message. If this happened once, or even twice it might be coincidence (note that for anybody who's saying anything like this isn't getting a cent for it and is evidently risking their life, their career, and everything they have, maintenance of netsites can be hard! (however, note also that for the same reason it is highly unlikely for these sites to contain deliberate mis-information!), but when it happens several times, you begin to suspect there's some pretty rotten stuff going on.)
    _If you click AND, HERE are a couple of letters detailing experiences of Monsanto VICTIMS (same site as last)
  • Chevron, Exxon, and of course, any other company whose business it is to separate the various poisons out of crude oil (which is, of course itself procurred and transportated at a tremendous cost to the earth, sea, air, and human lives.
  • Dow- ...'better' things...?- yeah RIGHT--, its on there so much a non-TV watcher like me even knows it-
  • Magnesium Corp. of America (Utah)
  • Union Carbide - (in)famous for Bhopal....... .... .... and the list goes on and on

    and ON.....!

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