Well, we, um, uh, ...'won' the war with iraq
(--yep, yep, yeah, RIGHT... ..)

Here's a quote my ears were just exposed to. And I've heard alot of stuff along these same lines, even the "mainsream" crowd, as long as I promise not to disclose the source! :

"Well, we, um, uh, ... ... 'won'... --uh, yep, yep, .... ... yeah, RIGHT.... ... ...Now the world fears us. US. ...the 'u. s. of 'a''; the lean, mean, ..'efficient', war mongering,CORPORATE DiCTATORSHIP of ...'amerika' where freedom, far from being any kind of right,is BOUGHT, mostly for and by those whose skin is the ...'right'... color, those whose forebears have a large enough bank account, or crooks who have never been brought to justice, usually because they are elements of the two sets given above. And now we're 'cookin'... Time to go after syria, iran, or any other 'rogue states' that have lots of oil with which ...'we'... (yeah, right...) can further destroy the earth and its inhabitants. Now we can sleep at night with the comfort of knowing that as soon as another oppressed, used group of human beings strikes out against ..'our' control and destruction of the world's life- giving (or death- dealing, depending on whether we use them wisely or, otherwise, as ...'amerika' does) -giving resources, yet another ..'rogue state' with lots of oil will 'pay for it'. How f-ing SICK! How can ANYONE defend such horrid crimes against humanity?"
--heard from a "man on the street", 4/23/03

AMERICA! (which includes me, nocars dave...)as well as, most likely, you, the reader who happened by some miracle on my web page, as well as the true patriot I quoted above,

is almost HISTORY!!!
And all the while ... ...'amerika' with its f'ing corporate dictatorship lead by all the most selfish people, CONTINUES TO GROW LIKE CANCER, crippling and poisoning, and now bombing, anyone in the world that ...uh, ...'steps out of line'.... and protests in any way the suffering it is causing!!