In the Ukraine, THEY RERUN ELECTIONS, when they're

(...QUITE unlike what they do nowadays in, uh, ...'amerika', EH?....)
-I guess times do change! Here it is:

(from the well-known blog text mode: "Second Ukrainian Election: Results Reversed in a Blowout for the Liberal", if that page is still up...) (it is as of 2/23/05)
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Exit polls predict a 15% margin for Yushchenko, but at this point with 10% of the vote counted he leads by an astonishing 25%. The first election was a nail-biter, and now a month later it’s total blowout. Last time the ’conservative’ won by a hair, but this time with more scrutiny making the fraud impossible, the ’liberal’ won in a landslide- imagine that.
Official Results:
Opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko headed toward victory in a re-run of Ukraine’s rigged presidential election on Sunday, with exit polls and early results giving him a healthy lead.
In Ukraine, 37.17 million people out of a population of about 47 million were registered to vote in the election, which pitted Yushchenko against Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich.
Following are the official results so far, compiled from information provided by Ukraine’s Central Election Commission.
Votes counted 10.57%Yushchenko 61.27% Yanukovich 35.32% Turnout 77.68%
Exit Polls: Yushchenko scored 56.5 percent in an exit poll to 41.3

By : Kyle Jordan
Monday 27th December 2004

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1) Second Ukrainian Election: Results Reversed in a Blowout for the Liberal
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> Second Ukrainian Election: Results Reversed in a Blowout for the Liberal
27th December 2004 -
That’s the point, the bush disciples are too scared of their own shadows, never mind a new election. The kerrycrats are too scared of the bush disciples, so what we have are a bunch of cowards running this country, while our kids fight wars for profits they’ll never see.

This could be the beginning of the end for the ’amerikan’ empire and the birth of WWIII.
(**but lets try to prevent this!, says Dave!**)
"Bring 'em on." (would say that America- destroying brat (more effective at destroying America than "the Kremlin" ever was!), geeDubya bush.)



Dave Streater