The great ..'amerikan'.. coup d'etat of 2k

_ ...'amerika'.... has a long history. . ..'we'... have had a corner on the market for weapons of mass destruction for a long time. And have not shown that many qualms about using them, at least, on people who posess little ability to protect themselves.
_ The "forces of evil" have been around for a long time, and we don't have to look far; not nearly as far as iraq, to find them._ We each must look into the mirror and know; really see, that that's where peace starts- with ourselves.We must stand up, individually and collectively, to the corporate dictatorship's war machine, which has grown to encompass the whole world. We must fight on many levels. We must somehow make our voices heard over the cacophony of the telescreen. We MUST develop that elusive ability to see ourselves, our whole selves. And we must use that vision to act courageously._ What is the scumbags' biggest concern when considering whether to war or not to war?
_ Plain and simple-- it's short term 'economics'. Not human suffering, or long term survival of the human race. Just short term material superiority, ability to co-opt resources, to force the world into slavery for the ...amerikans'....; for the corporate dictatorship, which has seized control here in the most insidious coup ever known to mankind.. We MUST take back the world for real human beings. I sure hope it won't take violence; I will do everything I can to avoid that. However, it may have to come to that; if it does, the choice is still clear, for the fight is itself against ever- excalating horrible violence against the entire planet; these bastards are definitely trying to destroy the world. The fight is for the true American ideals envisioned by our founders, represented by the statue of liberty. The "minutemen" (or, perhaps, "minute persons" to put it in newer terminology) ) of 2k will appear, if we continue on the path we're on. And clamping down on security won't help the scumbags who rule corporate dictatorship. The harder they come the harder they'll fall, when it comes to 'security' via violence vs these new "minutemen" fighting for liberty!. We've seen it in the world many times! We should by now have faith. But please, folks let's do it without violence. There's still time, if we widely expose and rise up against election fraud, and let the ..'leaders'...(yeah, right) of amerika know that we ai NOT gonna stand for this bullshit any more; this BULLSHIT of sending us over to die for them in iraq, telling us that their . ...'smart'.... weapons will protect us. Brainwashing us to think that it's ok to kill and torture people, as long as we're ...'pray''.... ( Hmmm; exactly WHAT KIND of, um,... ,,,'prayer'... is it that's being ..'employed'.. here? ) We must start by SERIOUSLY insisting on free legitimate elections, where the ballots are counted by human beings ('god' forbid that A FEW MORE PEOPLE MIGHT HAVE TO BE EMPLOYED, directing money to the PEOPLE instead of to the criminal technocrats at DIE'bold'.)

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