An Open Letter to the leaders of AMERICA

Dear American Leader,

__Because you understand the seriousness of your work, you are of course seeking opinions from your constituents on whether president Bush has committed acts which call for his removal from office.
__I do believe he has, in fact. His actions indicate that he is acting for personal glory, and not with the interests of our country at heart. Due to this, he has made several unsound decisions that have put our country at high risk for terrorism far into the future and will also hurt us significantly, economically. He has shown contempt for the united nations and many of our (Former...?) allies, alienating many of them at a time when worldwide respect for our nation is of prime importance. He has shown insensitivity to public opinion and uses emotionally based rather than logically based rhetoric, as well as de facto control over the media, to try to win voters to his side, then, like a spoiled child, acts to fulfill his ego, regardless of whether this has actually happened.
__These actions are not befitting for a president of our great nation; indeed these actions are working to make it quite a bit less than great. For the future of America, therefore, I think that George Bush should be impeached. Please have the courage to consider this, and to do what has to be done for the future of America.

Sincerely, Dave Streater
Ithaca, NY