Here's a letter from a monsanto victim that gives one an idea of how sick the criminals who operate the Monsanto company are! They should be procecuted to the full extent of the law. This is SUPPOSED to be America, isn't it? America, where to destroy people's life, liberty, and upright pursuit of happiness SHOULD be ILLEGAL!! Whoever at Monsanto can prevent these crimes, is like a--no, upon a moment's reflection, IS---a very sick pschopathic killer who should be procecuted to AT LEAST ..(this is a possible call to action for brave warriors who might have to "use any means possible" (to use the words of a famous revolutionary) to carry on the tradition of George Washington et. al. to protect human beings' inalienable freedoms!) ..the full extent of the law!!!!):

Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 14:15:42 -0400 (EDT) From: Betty Martini
Classic Story on Aspartame, as stories pour in from all over the , world! Letter to the FDA with copies to press (Long) (fwd):/,
Stories like this are coming in from all over the world on Monsanto's NutraPoison!
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Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 20:54:23 -0400
From: Betty Martini
Newsgroups: bionet.neuroscience
Subject: Classic Story on Aspartame, as stories pour in from all over the , world! Letter to the FDA with copies to press (long)

Dear Dr. Friedman: It has been sometime since we demanded the recall of aspartame from the worldwide market. You have ignored the letter. The problems won't go away. In fact, since your office gave blanket approval to aspartame, and it has increased in the food supply people are getting sicker and sicker much quicker. Mission Possible operations have popped up in many countries of the world warning their countrymen off this poison and releasing the story of how aspartame got approved. Senator Metzenbaum talked to Dr. Kessler about reopening the case since aspartame should never have been approved in the first place. His answer was to show the ultimate loyalty to Monsanto by instead of doing something constructive about the problem releasing more poison in the food supply.

Our warning flyer, "NutraSweet is a Neurotoxin", has been distributed to the ends of the world and people are waking as to why they are sick and dying. And countries are learning to put no stock or faith in the FDA of this country. Letter after letter pours in telling the grim story. The usual classical symptoms, neurological, mimicking MS, destroying eye sight, panic attacks (from depleting serotonin), heart palpitations and tachycardia because this DRUG causes an irregular heart rhythm.

You have the nerve to defend this poison and ignore the problem. I'm typing in one of the letters that came from Australia today because it is the classic horror story that we read day after day after day, over and over again. While you tell people you're not taking complaints we collect every one of them the world over.

What worries me about this one is she was pregnant and there is no warning on the label that aspartame is a teratogen. When babies survive at all if they don't have birth defects they usually later are hyper, have ADD or mental retardation. What is going on is criminal and if you don't do something I hope they dissolve the FDA. When those there to solve the problem are the problem its time for the world to know. A copy of this is being put on lists and sent to Congress and media. I suggest you get your act together and get this garbage off the market! And the public doesn't want anymore sweeteners from Monsanto so don't try a quick approval for their new one. This one is sacrificing all the diabetics, and you do know that aspartame precipitates diabetes!!! And it mimics diabetic retinopathy and diabetic neuropathy as it destroys the optic nerve and the central nervous system. Doctors are horrified when they find out this product has wood alcohol that converts to formaldehyde and then formic acid and causes metabolic acidosis.

Here is the letter and she has given permission to publish! You can be assured it will be published. And you will note why we are notifying all physicians and every one of Mrs. Lynch's doctors will get all the information so they will know that it was aspartame and warn thousands of other patients off of it!<

Dated June 20, 1997
From: Mrs. N. Lynch
Mudgee Road
Capertee. NSW 2846

Dear Sir/Madam,
I received a copy of your report titled WARNING! NUTRASWEET IS A NEUROTOXIN, from a friend.

I feel I must write to you and let you know my very disturbing experiences that I have been inflicted with for approximately twenty five months now.

It all started when I was pregnant with my third baby. I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes at approximately 32 weeks gestation. From that moment on I switched from sugar to Sugarine with NutraSweet and from normal Coke to Diet Coke to try and reduce some weight to better manage my condition.

I had, in the past, occasionaly used Sugarine and drank Diet coke but not as consistently as I was now doing, as I didn't want my baby to suffer due to the diabetes. So I religiously used these products for the rest of the pregnancy and decided to continue with same after my little girl was born to try and keep my weight under control, so the diabetes wouldn't return.

After approximately five months I started to get very bad night sweats - for no apparent reason, I would wake up in a drenching sweat, so much so, that I would have to change the bed sheets every night. I was not dreaming or having nightmares or anything else psychological that these sweats could be attributed to. This continued for a few weeks and for no apparent reason subsided. Every now and again I would have one but not as consistently as I was having them before. Also during this period, I was waking up at night out of a sound sleep in absolute terror. I would wake and immediately sit up, my neck, head and hands seemed to be pumping at the most rapid rate, yet my heart wasn't going any faster than normal. My husband was lying next to me but I wouldn't know WHAT or WHO he was.

I wouldn't know where I was or what I was - it was the most frightening feeling and very hard to describe to anyone that hasn't had one of these experiences. I had never had one of these before in my life - these also continued on and off for approximately a few weeks.

A couple of weeks after this, I was sitting having lunch when, again, for no apparent reason, I got this really weird, overwhelming feeling. It felt like my head was going to blow up, or I was going to pass out. I thought I had high blood pressure or something similar - not that I've had anything like that before but it was a building up sensation from what seemed to begin in my chest and felt like it flushed down my arms, into my hands and up into my head. this started to happen more and more often.

A couple of weeks after that, I began to get this heavy feeling in my brain - it didn't feel on top of my head but actually on the top of my brain. It was a weighing down feeling; all of a sudden I felt what seemed like a stroke like collapse down my left hand side upper body - it seemed to affect my fingers, hand co-ordination and sense of balance - only on the left hand side though. I remember going to get a knife out of the drawer and my fingers were extremely weak and I felt that I wanted to walk off to my left, not that I did, but it was this sense of fighting off a lack of balance that seemed to want to drag me off to the left slightly.

I was beginning to think that I might have MS or some similar disease, as I felt that I wanted to, at times, drag my left foot but actually didn't. then it became difficult to pronounce my daughter and son's names, i.e., Donna and Alex - these simple names seemed to be coming out as Dodda and Ayex. It was becoming increasingly difficult to speak clearly. I also drifted into this state of giddiness - I could walk straight but there was this inner feeling of giddiness and agitation in my rain that just wouldn't leave me. I went to the Doctor and he said that was ANXIETY/PANIC ATTACKS) to which I asked "why, when nothing in my life had changed or upset me - in fact everything couldn't be better". He just said that "these things can come on for no apparent reason, it could be the children or any amount of daily stresses". In other words, he didn't know what was going on, I thought.

He then prescribed tranquilizers ' Murelax' - he advised that I take them over the next week or so and see how I go and that this should all settle down. I knew it wouldn't, as this was not ANXIETY or PANIC ATTACKS or any other stress related cause. I am not the type of person that gets stressed out or let things get to me and if they did, then I have always had no problem relaxing or sleeping to alleviate any problems.

Nevertheless, I took his advice and took them as and when he said to. The Murelax seemed to alleviate it only a little but it would always come back after the effects of the Murelax would wear off.

It was becoming intolerable to sit down or butter bread or do anything that required fine motor skills - the gnawing feeling in my brain was making life unbearable. I also was getting heart flutters and palpitations a lot. It wasn't as if I was having a lot of caffeine or any stimulant that would induce these palpitations. I saw another doctor who also said that if it wasn't caffeine - then it must be STRESS and was subsequently told to do relaxation exercises and listen to relaxation tapes; all of which I did but to no avail.

I was getting a hell of a lot of twitching in the fingers and getting a lot of jerks in my limbs, especially when I was trying to get to sleep at night, consequently this was making sleep difficult to attain - I would be just drifting off to sleep when I would twitch and jerk and it would keep me awake - it was extremely annoying. Then my neck started to twitch and it would throw my head to one side. I would get what seemed like an electric shock feeling in my brain - sort of a sudden inner startle. All these stupid weird symptoms and nobody, NOBODY! could tell me what was going on - only that it must be anxiety or stress all of which I kept telling them that it wasn't that, it was something different - but I couldn't put my finger on it.

I had numerous blood test's, I had a Catscan, M.R.I. scan and E.C.G. I saw a psychiatrist, psychologist, two neurologist's and a cardiologist, I even went to a Naturopath - all of whom kept telling me that this was all stress/anxiety/panic attacks, as nothing was showing in any of these tests results, including the M.R.I. SCAN, which I thought that if there is any significant damage or any damage at all, then it would show up on these results You can imagine my desperation by this stage, as I was only getting worse and nobody was helping me.

Eventually I just sat down one day - this being approximately 24/25 months after I started on the Sugarine and Diet Coke and read an article in a magazine about this woman who was suffering similar symptoms, but not all. It turned out to be mercury poisoning. This sparked the idea that maybe all my problems were due to an introduced toxin in my body - so I cut out the Murelax - even though chronologically, this couldn't have been the cause but I was desperate, as I was now starting to get what seemed like fractions of a second blackout - like a click somewhere in my brain - this is the best way I can describe it.

Then, while eating lunch one day - I looked at my trusty Sugarine container, ready to put the usual 4 sugarine tablets, as (I used to take 4 sugars) into my cup of tea, when it suddenly dawned on me that maybe, just maybe this was the cause of all my problems as it couldn't possibly be anything else, as I don't take any other medications and never have had.

I was sceptical about this initially, as this product has always been supposedly 'SAFE' to use but this was the only foreign thing that I had been and still was taking and I never had any of these symptoms before I started swallowing these things. So I decided to stop using them in my tea and coffee and go back to sugar instead, afterall, sugar is natural and therefore couldn't hurt, whereas Sugarine is a laboratory produced product - so it must be full of chemicals, so I surmised anyway.

After 3 days of not using them, that gnawing feeling deep in my brain seemed to subside and it was a feeling of being left in peace/alone - the difference was remarkable. THIS IS IT, I thought, thank God I have found what has been causing all these debilitating symptoms - it's a pity it had to come to the point where I had to diagnose myself because all these so called DOCTORS didn't have a clue. It seemed with them - 'WHEN IN DOUBT - LOB EVERYTHING INTO THE STRESS BASKET. The task of trying to convince them that this WASN'T stress became an extremely frustrating lost cause.

Over the next few months the symptoms have slowly begun to subside, although I still get the occasional jumping nerve in my finger or leg muscle, fluttering/palpitation heart and I find now that I have floaters in my left eye - some days are better than others with this. I had 4 days a few weeks ago when I came back to feeling completely normal - it was the most fantastic feeling, I had forgotten what it was like to feel this good. Then the slight giddiness which I seem to still have came back - but, again, some days are better than others. For the best part, most of the symptoms have subsided.

I am absolutely convinced that these rotten, chemical ridden tablets and the Diet Coke were the cause of all my problems and it makes me so angry to think that someone somewhere knew all about the neurological dangers that these sweeteners can induce. One is lucky to be born normal, but to think that I was piling these chemicals into my body and literally poisoning my system and risking brain and heart damage and God knows what else I have done to myself unwittingly.

I actually wrote a long letter explaining my experience and what I thought the culprit was quite a number of months ago when I first went off the Sugarine. I was going to send it to a local magazine for public notice, but talked myself out of it because I was the only one that I knew of that had this experience and therefore thought that nobody would believe me, so I ripped it up and decided to keep it to myself, afterall, if the Doctors didn't believe me, why would anyone else.

Then this article of yours comes to my notice and I could kick myself now for not trusting what I knew in myself to be the truth.
I would greatly appreciate your reply to my letter, as now, finally, I can get some very long awaited answers to my questions - you are my only hope of making some sort of sense out of this miserable episode in my life.

1. I am still having some symptoms, those being floaters, only in my left eye, heart flutters/palpitations, which sometimes make me feel light headed, slight giddiness, feeling slightly imbalanced and favouring the left hand side) after approximately 6 - 9 months of cessation of any sort of artificial sweetener - will these symptoms disappear over time or am I inflicted with this for the rest of my life. In other words, have these done irreparable damage or is it reversible, as a lot of the symptoms have gone - if those have, why not the rest?
2. Does the brain and heart repair themselves - if damage has been done by these particular chemicals - if not - given my remaining symptoms, how much damage have they done and can it get progressively worse, if so, how much better or worse.
3. If the few remaining symptoms do disappear - approximately how long a time span am I looking at before this happens, given that I was taking these sweeteners for around 25 months solidly.
4. You mentioned in your report that formaldehyde gets stored in fat cells. Over time, does the body rid itself of this. If so, how long would this take and does hits chemical inhibit weight reduction. If it doesn't come out of the body - does it keep putting out adverse reactions?
5. Is there a way to purify the body of this or any other lingering chemical associated with this product.
6. You also mentioned that one can have Alzheimer's like syndrome with prolonged exposure - what do you deem as prolonged exposure?, as I had one brief episode of not knowing how to work the microwave for a split second - I went completely blank, this was quite frightening. It was different to the blankness that most of us have every so often when you can't remember what you were going to do. Please, if you have any information on the healing process, I would love to have this. I would dearly love to get completely back to normal, although, now I am SO MUCH better that I was - any sort of hope would be great.

You have my permission to publish my story as accurately as I have written it - if it is going to help convince others that this is indeed a very dangerous chemical and it is NOT OK to use.
I am looking forward to your reply as soon as you can possibly do so.

Yours faithfully,Mrs. Noni Lynch
P.S. To let this insidious product be consumed by millions of people, knowing the dangers associated with it - all for the mighty 'BUCK' IS A DISGUSTING, VILE BREACH OF THE PUBLIC'S TRUST!

End of letter

Dr. Friedman, I can't say it any better than her P.S. The FDA has abused the public trust and it is vile and digusting. I'm the one who has to answer her letter truthfully. All you people do is send out a propaganda packet and cling to your incestuous relationship with Monsanto, the largest manufacturer of poisons in the world today.

I have sent to Newt Gingrich a list of 26 answers I demand be answered. We've had enough of your propaganda packets because you can't answer simple questions. Is it because to answer them shows the guilt of the FDA. The FDA has embarrassed the American public causing the greatest scandal in U.S. History - the mass poisoning of the American public and our fellow man around the world.
You people take every opportunity to snatch natural herbs and health food products. Now you're trying to regulate Ma Haung and give the symptoms of seizures, memory loss, blindness, depression and confusion. These are the notorious symptoms of aspartame used by over 100 million people. I challenge you to ask anyone who has ever had a problem with Ma Haung if they were on aspartame because this product doesn't cause these symptoms, but aspartame dose. Furthermore, it is estimated that 5 out of 7 people on aspartame already have the symptoms or some disease. The FDA through their approval of aspartame has poisoned the world, just as Dr. Bowen told the FDA in his statement.
A copy of this goes to Attorney General Janet Reno, press, Internet, Mission Possible operations throughout the world, physicians and publications, and Congress. Mission Possible Australia and New Zealand are being told by copy of this letter to send this to their government and demand an investigation of the product and the FDA of this country.

People like Mrs. Lynch on aspartame live shattered lives of pain and terror. Her letter is no different than the average story coming into Mission Possible. When volunteer forces like Mission Possible are set up to do nothing but warn the world that aspartame is poison, you better believe there is a problem with the FDA.

We ask that anyone reading this story continue to spread it and warn others.

Betty Martini, Founder
Mission Possible Worldwide
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