Ithaca Bicycle Advisory Commission

is temporarily not (at least, with current info, at the same location) on the net.I will try to keep up some news here, but it will be tough for me..

But there have been, albeit slow as molasses, some positive changes. For example:Bikes on Buses:
Tompkins County Area Transit (TCAT) buses are equipped with bicycle racks on the front. Eachrack is capable of carrying two bikes. There is no extra charge for transporting your bike with you. Here's a link on how to take your bike with you on the bus:
(sorry it took me so long to get this up here!).
(but then some stupid oil slurping suckers get the BUS FARES UNREASONABLY JACKED UP! (see my note back on the main page..)

Oh!, and here's a good link! :
Links from Cornell Bicycle, Pedestrian Traffic Safety comitee...

(This committee is (at least, was...?) advisory to Transportation Services. It meets on a monthly basis, addressingconcerns such as policy, education and facility needs. For more information, contact Carl Cohen at

It sure sometimes seems like NOTHING EVER CHANGES!---- here's some notes on a meeting between Planning Dept and Board of Public Works (BPW) that took place back in the dark ages (7/30/97, I think it was):
I was a little discouraged. We did not have a great turnout of bicycle advocates. I wish there could have been more of us there! There was one guy on the board of public works who was a true motorhead, spewing, as well as poisonous gasses and particulates from his (***) car, pathetic and ignorant BULL-ony such as "nobody rides bikes in this town- there's too many hills...", from his mouth! I pointed out that in fact there are many bike riders; people in cars just can't seem to see them, and maybe thats why they're always killing them, and that the biggest reason people don't ride is fear of getting murdered (sorry to use such a weak term for playing roulette with the lives of our town's most valuable citizens TO SAVE FRACTIONS -AND I MEAN FRACTIONS!- OF A SECOND!!); the hills are NOT the deterrent to riding this guy thinks, with the advent of granny gears, as well as better awareness of the advantages of staying in good physical shape. .............

Well, let's KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT! We can do it! Let's NEVER GIVE UP! We gotta keep telling ourselves it's NOT an exercise in futility!!!

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