This Isn't s'posed to happen here... .... !!


...NOW maybe international peacekeeking forces should be sent to iraq to keep the 'america'ns from murdering iraqi people and committing atrocities; the world should stand up to what's happening. And probably peacekeepers should be sent to ..'america', too, since human rights are being denied here and violence perpetrated against our top citizens. But that's not so easy, I realize, since america has iron fisted control over the majority world's "WMD" (weapons of mass destruction), the media within it's borders, and the world economy to boot! ...things look pretty bleak--- many people are about to be slaughtered. No one will hear about it, of course.... -- There is no democracy here. And freedom is being severely curtailed as I write., I wouldn't be surprised, of course, if this message is FOUND and "ZAPPED" by some kind of 'bot' and never gets through to you-- that's what this poor nation's corporate dictators are working on, no doubt! But HOPEFULLY they haven't got to that yet; we'll see.... ... There's always hope. .......... Hope for democracy. ........... Hope for Peace.PLEASE ALL YOU WORLD SAVERS WITH ANY KIND OF POWER (but have all such been ELIMINATED...!? (or, even worse, um, youknow, NULLED OUT..))WE NEED YOU NOW! PLEASE HEAR OUT CRY FOR HELP! - AMERICA!,
( including nocars dave...)

And all the while ... ...'amerika' CONTINUES TO GROW LIKE CANCER...

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