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compositionsby Dave Streater

OK then, yes; it would be nice ('nice'...?) to just play our music and do our own thing and watch our poor world being destroyed before our very eyes, but I for one can't do it. Here's some thoughts: (... ...'DANGER'... ...- you read these pages at your own, uh,... ... 'risk'...-- see the warning in fine print below!)

First, some recently "broken" news (and, BROKEN is the ...'news'...., indeed!-- unless you go to 'alternative' sources, which are harder and harder to find and are less and less trustworthy, as some appear likely to have been infiltrated by repugnantans and other criminals). As well as things which remain on the very top of the growing heap of STUFF THAT MUST BE ADDRESSED (click the link for current rants (NOTE- by clicking this link, as well as reading this page, (as mentioned in other sufficiently prominent places...), the "viewer understands that there are, uh, ...'serious'.... risks involved, as outlined in the 'disclaimer' below! READ THAT FIRST!!!!) I am not responsible for what happens to those who, like myself, ignore such warnings!

(whether or NOT we, uh, fight, .... 'crime'....(tell me what's worse, engineering the killing in horrible ways, and in cold blood, millions of innocent people, or smoking a joint?)
-but, seriously, this wonderful article (which I "localized" in case of "snufferage" by the corporate dictatorship) gets right to the heart of the matter- which is ..'religious'.... fundamentalism and fanaticism.

And Here is an EEEERIE comparison between ...'our'... own gee dubya and another infamous war criminal! ("localized", in case the original article gets snuffed...)

As far as democracy goes, HERE's
Something NEW on the horizon (as of 5/06. anyway, new to me...)

Get a grip on the VALUE OF LIFE!!!

-look, they nailed a spammer! Maybe this will be a harbinger of victory for the movement to bring these suckers- spammers- to justice. I hope they force him to pay that 700 million or whatever it was, to be split among all the people he has tormented through his garbage. This loser probably sent pernicious mail that will still be noodling and re-cycling through netspace long after he is in prison!
_! Of course, this probably just means that he wasn't "in the corporate clique"-- in 'amerika', REAL criminals don't go to jail; instead they usually go into politics! Or else make friends with scumbag politicians, or do something along those lines, such as start an ...'enterprise'.... (yeah, right..) that pays off the right people in the right government agencies so that the MOST pernicious spam can be GENERATED WITH IMPUNITY! REAL criminals don't go to jail- instead they build their own multi-MILLION dollar prisons, complete with guard dogs and electronic sensors, in sensitive mountain ecologies outside of Vail, CO, and other such places, where they imprison themselves. Meanwhile, all the free people they're trying to get back at suffer under the weight of all that pernicious mail, slated to be eternally rebuilding their desktops" and "zapping their pram", and running anti- virus programs, all of which (the corporate dictatorship has made sure) must be ...'upgraded'...- or if the bastards can arrange it-- requires the ...'next generation'.... operating system.... ($$...)

Ah-- look at what the, um ...'religious' (yeah, right..(in more ways than one...)) fascist twerps ....'leading'.... our nearly- destroyed country are trying to ram through now! (2006)
click HERE to see why my language here is not "name calling" (note that it would be NAME CALLING in the worst way if I were, for example, to use the term "honorable sirs" in place of "fascist twerps" (of course, "um, uh, ...'honorable sirs...' " would probably be truthful enough, but only to those with enough brains to comprehend the cynicism (thus it might be a good idea; most repugnantans would take it as a compliment... (but then they'd have no chance to hear the distant wake-up call...)))!
... ... ...
The site linked here explores evidence that ..nush.. --oops, I mean, bush (pronounced with a disgusted sneer; somewhat more disgusted and contorted than the facial expression one naturally gets when handling a dead rat)--, and his staff were ACTUALLY COMPLICIT IN THE "911 attacks" and mentions all sorts of other things that maybe we don't want to hear, but that we better listen to, as true patriots, for the sake of America's future/!
This would not be surprising to me, given the plethora of other illegal and rotten (in amerika, many things that are illegal are not at all rotten, at this point, and many REALLY ROTTEN things are perfectly legal; even encouraged...) acts these jokers have committed. THE UPPER ECHELON of our ...'government'... sure is rotten to the core!

Thoughts on The great ... uh, ..'amerikan'.. coup d'etat of the years 2k - 2004

My politically savvy (NOT "dough-faced"...)friends from the Lymenet "off topic" page shared this work with me:
DOUGH-FACED NATION. (What multifaceted similes that title implies!)

Now this "ashhole" ..., um, ..'attorney general'.. is trying to revise our laws and tell us what they mean. Please speak out against this attempted coup!

_Here's something eveybody should read-- especially those who have somehow been sucked into the foul-smelling corporate- controlled "bush camp"...:
Former U.S. Attorney General RAMSEY CLARK speaks on the bush COUP...

Here is an interview with John Dean about HIS new book, 'Worse Than Watergate', (Little, Brown, and Co., Time- Warner (!))
--I've looked around a bit, but have only been able to find the text to one chapter of Worse Than Watergate on-line. But somebody should have more soon, I would expect.

It IS happening here, AND NOT JUST ...'AT A THEATER NEAR YOU'...!!! Let us "JUST SAY NO" to FASCISM, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! (WARNING--f'ing, uh,...'cookie'... alert!-- another case of good content, bad code. There is NO valid reason for, um uh, ...'cookies'... (...'yum'..., eh?- yeah right- who cares if the computer's slow as rocks if it's gagging on something as ...'delicious'... as ...'cookies'...?!!! Has anyone invented "counter-cookies" yet? ))

Hey, LOOK!- These days, when election fraud is demonstrated to have happened in The Ukraine, THEY HAVE ANOTHER ELECTION!!!
-- UN-like WHAT HAPPENS WHEN ELECTION FRAUD HAS CLEARLY OCCURRED HERE IN 'amerika'. Yikes!--- the tables have turned. Now we're the aggressors, starting wars to keep our resource supply lines going... Now the ...'amerikans'... are the ones with the illegitimate government, and, on a different level, a new kind of dictatorship; the corporate dictatorship, which puts up a well-thought-out facade of ...'democracy'...(yeah, right...), and controls all the weapons, resources, and has multitudes of people living in near-slavery.-

TAKE A GANDER AT THIS:...'our' (yeah, RIGHT!) congress VOTES TO BUY the SCUMBAG, bush, a ,er.....'precidential (sic(k!)) yacht'... ...


Now, doesn't THAT make you feel WARM AND FUZZY!...


MORE; lamentably, still more, ON ELECTION FRAUD:

Uh, SORRY, FOLKS-- I JUST DON'T BELIEVE THERE ARE THAT MANY morons, selfish (and masochistic, if they have any brains and aren't really rich) jerks, or oppression-victims who are completely hypnotised or deluded by the bushwazian corporate dictatorship into behaving like one. Anyone who REALLY voted for that criminal, disgusting piece of excrement, gee dubya bush, must, of course, fall into one of these three categories!
EVER MORE scum leaks are appearing in the fabric of the corporate dictatorship's ROTTEN facade! --
Have a Look at:

The Ultimate Felony Against Democracy, by Thom Hartmann

If you want to win an election, JUST CONTROL THE VOTING MACHINES!
If you want to win an election, JUST CONTROL THE VOTING MACHINES! (local version with appropriate musical accompaniment, in case the common dreams site gets snuffed by the flaming repugnantans...)
*** *** *** *** *** *** **** *** *** ***
We MUST write letters to the editor protesting the censorship of the 'news' media, and its refusal to report any of the many clear indications of massive fraud in the 2004 ..'election'...
I wrote this letter to a local paper here, The Ithaca Journal, and they printed it. Then somebody else wrote in. You could just FEEL the awareness skyrocketing! We MUST send more letters of this sort! We CAN make a difference!
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

NOW,.. To BEGIN to HAVE AN INKLING of how big a scumbag we are dealing with here, check Out:

bush Jr.'s Skeleton Closet!

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Separation of church and state was a really big issue.
BUT NOW LOOK!- "church and state" are in bed together, fornicating away! And these, uh,...'pious'... um, ....'leaders'... are PUSHING all kind of UNAMERICAN things like FORCED PRAYER IN SCHOOLS, the teaching of PROVEN falsehoods as ...'science'..., abortions done in basements with meat cleavers and coat hangers, and intolerance of people who have developed or inherited "belief systems" different than the ones which were forced on them. These, uh, ...'leaders'... put on a show of being real, ...'pious'.., then suddenly initiate unimaginably violent attacks against certain people, most of whom are defenseless and who did not in any way do anything to hurt 'us'. Such immedieate military ...'solutions'... only foment hatred among many peoples of the world at a time when nuclear arsenals are becoming more and more available. And I have learned recently that censorship, unconstitutional though it may be, is in "full swing"!

(WARNING- the next link may cause old computers to crash!!!)
If you have a fancy new computer, you may want to check out the "bellaciao" website:

"Too Many Voting Irregularities To Be Coincidence"

- good content, but BAD CODE!!! inaccessible. Unprintable, (unless, perhaps, you have the ..'fanciest'.. new computer!)
_' DS note-- I thought this kind of insidious indirect oppression came almost exclusively from, uh. ....'entities'... such as the repugnantan 'party' and their filthy affiliates, or other such money-grubbing, uh, "exclusive" sorts. The ...'fancy' (yeah, right...) formatting represents a victory by the corporate dictatorship; this ever faster ...'introduction' of 'new' formats that require more and more and more memory and faster and faster cpu's greatly hinders progressives' communications!


(resizable by the reader- see ****Web Accessibility Initiative; Evaluating sites for Accessibility)

--Well, Bellaciao does in fact now have stuff in plain text. But it's TOTALLY plain... That's good, but I still feel the main part of the page DOESN'T have to be so, uh, ..'high end'...!It could look nearly the same and still be accessible to almost any browser, though the algorithm for keeping it updated might not be quite as ,...'easy'... ... to carry out. (but may well ultimately take less total effort if everything is counted.(such as learning new techniques, dealimg with the inevitable software ...'bugs', etc.). And the page would be printable by a simple keystroke.) Imagine how many people might happen upon it and start to THINK!
THINKING is very dangerous for the scumbags.Hence this is an important issue.
Here's the link:
Some text on the Bellacio site


...'whitehouse'-linked clandestine operation PAID FOR VOTE-SWITCHING SOFTWARE

(even on an old computer with little memory)!

RESIST pernicious mail! (is this ...'mime'.--there must be SOME kind of buzzword for anything that sucks as bad as pernicious e-mail, so that people will just kind of EAT IT UP (kind of like ...'cookies'..., you know?);"mime" could be that buzzword
("pernicious email" is a much more accurate name for it, though!))
RESIST ...'java'... (except for the real kind, if you must (the kind that smells good when brewing)), 'mime, 'cookies', and "postscript- error"- generating printer codes, etc! BEWARE of ...'new'.. 'technology' that makes it hard for progressives with modest means to disseminate information Much of this ...'new' 'technology'... is promulgated by certain jokers --believe me, they're around!--who want to extract dough out of you for every information (or ...'information'...) transfer that you make! (its no accident, of course, that these jokers are ALMOST ALWAYS REPUGNANTANS!)

And of course, we all, I would hopefully assume, know about: BlackBoxVoting.org.

This essay: "How Bush, uh, ...'won'... the 2004 election" may actually have been written BEFORE the'04 ....'election'... by one of the many "bloggers" who saw it coming.
.....Democracy...; Yeah, RIGHT!
ANYWAY,..., , I voted for Shumer and Kerry- guess i'm a 'traitor' but it seems there's two choices- tweeledee and tweedleDUMBassDUBYA himself. --so tweedle dee it shall be- he actually might turn out to be very good- kind of a "wild card", but a wild card is better than the four of clubs!_ In ANY case,

this antiquated ... 'electoral 'college' system HAS GOT TO GO!

It is time to revamp and re-establish democracy in America. What ever happened to the spirit of the "Boston Tea Party"? ("terrorism", cried the repugnantans, then known as 'tories')

-So this country, AMERICA, WAS FOUNDED VIA 'TERRORISM'- fairly brutal 'terrorism', in fact.

... So will it take another revolution? It may, since democracy has been lost. And there are more and more of us with nothing to lose.

However, the orwellian age has dawned. The oppressive 'intelligence' morons watch your every move. Alarm bells ring if more than a handful of people gather, and the cops, or the FBI, are there in an instant. There is no hope. The typical out-of-control tower of power. The most ruthless assholes go right to the top of the economic hierarchy. The best fakers (and biggest assholes, since they have the financial towers of power funding them) get elected- or, if that doesn't work, get …'appointed'… by the corporate controlled (since its justices have been chosen by corporate controlled (to varying degrees) presidents) court.

And where do the ..'churches' fit in this? Well, almost every one of these is (sing it- to the tune of that great old Allman Brothers song)--

"just One More


for whom money is

the "bottom line" . . .


And, speaking of such where does all this leave us musicians?

Well, once upon a time, the biggest scumbags always used musicians to help generate "fervor". In particular, brass bands evoked a sense of militancy, of 'inevitable progress'; of ..'victory'

But now we have "sound bites"! Who needs musicians any more? Now studies of the effects of various ..'sound bites' can be computer- generated, tested, and the 'most effective' (meaning, those inhibiting logical thought and independent thinking) can be ...'determined'.... And these ...'most successful'..sound ..'bites' can be widely disseminated at almost no cost!

(--so I guess I could become a ..'sound bite'... artist and prostitute myself that way, but no thanks--

I'm going to play REAL MUSIC, both actually and figuratively. Even though I apparently might well end up in prison for either one of these ...'unamerikan'.... activities'... ...

Dave Streater

This may be worth reading:
Gore's thoughts on certain rank- smelling incumbent scum that has squatted in (or perhaps, OVER, if you catch the drift here?..) the white, um, ...'house'...

And, being like cnn, we must be ...'fair and balanced'... so, click the link to read and hear some of bush's , uh,... .....(snicker).... ...'wisdom'... (Yeah, RIGHT...!)

...And the idiotic counter-American (that is, uh, ugh, .....'amerikan'...) iraq war CONTINUES.....
UMMMMMMMMM.... as you might remember, if you've managed to avoid blanking out your brain with too much telescreen exposure.. we were told quite awhile ago that we had, uh,.... ... ..., youknow, uh,......
... ... um, ...'won'... ... the war. UH, yep, yep,-- ... ... ... ,



And just for the record, here's a letter similar to one many of us sent to desperately try to stop up the terroristic tubes down which our figurehead dictator "george w." is for some reason (... which I sure hope is his ignorance and mental incompetence (but the jury seems to be out on whether that ignorance is just a put-on by an evil madman!... ...!)) seemingly aiming to send the world...
--well, a lotta good THAT did, eh?....but we incessantly keep trying!
But let's get back to more information that must be considered before any of us ever again goes a-lever-pulling behind ever-flimsier curtains:

Prominent DC Shrink Diagnoses Bush to be a Paranoid, Sadistic Meglomaniac

(article in "Capital Hill Blue" --Well whadya know... as if this wasn't OBVIOUS...- THE SCUM IS STARTING TO LEAK OUT! (it's odiferously seeping. out of certain scumbags in and around the ...'white' uh, 'house')-- that unelected, uh, ...'precident'... of ...'ours' is one deranged, sick pruppy!)

--actually, he's even SICKER than I thought-> Check out:
this 'DubyaSpeak' site, which I fear probably shows bush at his best moments, though we readers certainly hope otherwise... (Don't let yourself get overcome with negative feelings; we must always have compassion for mentally compromised individuals. But if such an individual, by some mistake, or through election fraud or other, um, ...'ACT OF GOD'... happens to be put into into such a position of responsibility, he or she is going to need some very competent, as well as selfless, assistants. If bush is not amenable to this and insists on choosing the kind of, you know, ...'assitants' with which he has alligned himself in the past, the courts or a multipartisan panel of citizens, should step in and pick the assistants, to guard against the kind of extreme actions such indviduals are prone to.take, often without warning.
(but maybe it would be better just to have a recall election-- they did it in California; why not for the U.S. presidency?!) (but it would have to be a REAL ELECTION, with PAPER BALLOTS counted by REAL HUMANS, with double and triple checks against corruption!)))


***Click HERE to see that ACTUALLY, election fraud HAD ALREADY BEEN TESTED by the repugnantans CONSIDERABLY BEFORE 2004! (of course, 200 was also full of blatant sleazy under-handed operations by the repugnant criminals, too...)

And now, some other current action an issues, if I can manage to keep anywhere near up with all of them:

-Hey, LOOK!--..there JUST MIGHT be some HOPE!
(a multitude of voices of reason is continuing to rise above the pitiful war- mongers' belligerent grunts!!).
...but we're still not likely to see anything about THESE important events in the F^(%ing ....'news'.. (i.e., the 'news', yeah, right; the "corporate news", that is.....)! Hmmmm mmm... ...
But we gotta keep singin to ourselves, " There Just Might Be Some Hope."..... ...

...WELL,... That hope was ONCE AGAIN dashed against the rocks bigtime !
'amerika'... (yeah, RIGHT...) .. has had YET ANOTHER, errrrr, ... UM, ... , ahem, another, uh, ... ,'ee.., .., 'eee-, ... .. ... ...'eeeelection'.... ... (i.e., an election, YEAH, ... ...

... ...RIGHT)... ...

SO IT DID HAPPEN AGAIN!!! BUT WE CAN't GIVE UP; WE CAN'T LET OURSELVES BE DEFEATED! THIS TIME, there's CLEAR EVIDENCE BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT-- the correlation between vote tallying method and "exit poll" descrepancy is BLATANTLY indicative of massive fraud! (Luckily, the repugnantans were too stupid to think of how suspicious that would look- if they had been just a little smarter, they could possibly have bought off the folks who prepared the results of polls- but you can only do so much of this stuff before somebody "spills the beans"- thus I think they were hoping that if they worked on raising doubts about the polls' accuracy, that would be good enough. So that's what they're trying now. However, they might have a hard time with this one. It's typical of criminals that they desperately come up with more and more far-fetched ...'explanations' when evidence starts leaking out.)

SO, let's (sing it now...)

NevaGive UP, NevaGiveUP, (buomp buomp bomp-,)
(and down, down, down, it certainly HAS BEEN GOING!

(except for the prices, which go UP, UP and


>> Here we have some MORE of what's REALLY been happening in ...'our'.... god-...'blessed'.... (or maybe it's more like , um, GOD! ...um, uh, .'blessed'....(as in, yeah, RIGHT!..) ...??) ...'amerika'... ....
So We here the cry echoing.... PLEASE, PLEASE, HELP! ------HERE's the REAL AMERICANs'
............................AMERICA! is in grave danger; is dying FAST
(and all the while ... efffing...'amerika'... (...yeah, right....) gets stronger and stronger......)

check out: Boycottamerica.org-- --for some things that are ACTUALLY BEING DONE to fight the corporate dictatorship's ruthless iron fisted control of your life!
(I'm sure they'll try to snuff that one pretty fast so dig it while you can...)

But before we proceed further in our observations about what's going on "below the surface" in our poor pitiful 'amerika', we need, OF COURSE. the all too familiar ...'amerikan' anthem, the 'disclaimer', as well as the link to another lesser-known but FAR MORE IMPORTANT American tune (REAL AMERICAN, that is!), a Fair Use copyright statement:
1) WARNING: READING (not just...'viewing', of course-- theres a DIFFERENCE, you know!..) ...
... ...the following pages may inspire the tendency abhorred in our american automoburbian "buy- this- no- buy- that- well- buy- something- before-your- money- can't- buy- ANYTHING- because- we- can- hardly- cut- down-enough- trees- to- print- enough- money- to- build- enough- weapons- to-keep- enough- oil- coming- in- to- keep- our- ***- cars- spewing- poison-in- that- daily- ratrace- that- we- waste- most- of- our- valuable-time- energy- and- life- perpetuating"......TV CULTURE..., to ...............THINK CLEARLY!!! (so now, since you had the opportunity to tire your eyes squinting to read the fine print, you can't sue ME (it wouldn't do you any good monetarily, even if you won, anyway!) if you read this and as a result, start THINKING CLEARLY and are therefore rejected by ...'american'.... society, discriminated against in every area of your life, denied employment,or even institutionalized!)

2) for the incidental use of any copyrighted material on this site, I hereby claim "fair use". (The copyrights to almost all of the material on this page are 'owned' by me, Dave Streater, anyway)

A NOTE ON ....'terrorism'... vs.   TERRORISM!!!:

The United States Congress kills far more Americans than terroristsdo. 18,000 Americans die yearly because 40,000,000 of us can't afford health insurance. 440,000 Americans are killed yearly by the tobacco industry,helped by tax breaks. Thousands of Americans are murdered on 'amerika's roads yearly, while railroads lose funding. The weakening of urban air standards,to "suit" the "auto interests", kills thousands more. Shifting federal funds toward the
military-- and away from clean food and water, and energy alternatives-- is more deadly than explosions.
  And not only that - The corporate dictatorship's transportationsystem (a mass of 'private'... automobiles) is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR the demise of evenmore- MANY more-- americans and other world citizens, and what a lovely demise it is-- ...  the survivors often face such devastating injuries and prejudice that they might well wish that they, too,  could have been among the casualties!!!

... ... And now that we "got" sadam, or at least some poor sucker that looks kind of like Sadam,

WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO with the joker?????

Well, as of today I see they're seriously thinking of 'giving' sadam to the iraqi puppets the amerikan war machine has installed there. I think they underestimate the hatred that amerika has fomented among Iraqis. While I'm sure they've got a careful staging meticulously planned for sadam's uh, 'turnover', so they can maintain power and make sure sadamn is killed, and that he appears to have been killed by his own people, I suspect it's gonna be really, really hard to pull this one off!

(--wow, look how long I've had this on here, and it's still going on!

That IMMORAL FAKER, gee dubya bush and his handlers are TRUE SCUM. -- but good enough fakers so that most ..'amerika'...ans can't even see this!

Here's some more links:
It may be possible to receive some REAL NEWS even here in ...UH,.. ...'god'...-blessed (or you could look at it possibly as GOD- ...uh,...'blessed'...,If you believe in a supernatural omnicient mess- creator , uh, ... 'up there'....) ... ...'amerika'. Here's the web page but if you have a satellite dish you may be able to get it without the amerikan government snoopers deciding that you're some kind of 'sleeper' terrorist and coming for you in the middle of the night (yikes, I just heard a noise....)--

Al Jazeera;

They're probably one of the top news sires (largest content of real news, least influenced by any government scum anywhere), in the world today. They've been lambasted by just about all the government scum in almost every nation on earth. They broadcast out of Qatar, a tiny mideast country boring Saudia Arabia, and accross the gulf from Iran.

Now here's group that's pretty hip! -I either heard a program about them on NPR; then I heard a talk at Cornell, several months ago. I have a tape or cd of the talk somewhere;
I will try to put the sound up from the program. Joan Bakauer, I believe, was the name of the speaker. It was very eye-opening; almost UNBELIEVABLE! -- AND WE THOUGHT IT WAS BAD THEN!!! Think how much worse it will be, now that these criminals, ahem, think they can act like theythink they can claim to have some kind of a ....'mandate'... from the voters!
The name of the group is:

"Third World Traver"- some more real news for you!
democracy NOW-- a famous progressive real-NEWS group that the corporate dictatorship has so far been unable to stamp out ( but not for lack of trying!)

Transportation (prime ecological...)

1)The New AIDS, by Dave Streater
2)How To Fix Ithaca's Bus System, by Dave Streater
3)Transportation as a Peace Issue, by Alan Streater
4) Transportation Alternatives(NYC) 
5) Coalition for Alternative Transportation 
6) Auto-free Ottawa
7) The Full Cost of the ** CAR
(**please excuse the vulgarity- i.e., the deleteted but appropriate,or rather, essential, expletive!)
8) Cityof Ithaca Bicycle Advisory Council 
9) Limiting Automobile Use
Excessive automobile use destroys neighborhoods and cities and promotes sprawl. This page LISTSGROUPS working to limit automobile use and promote alternative transportation. 
10) Having trouble getting this insidious 2000 pound monkey off your back?--then check out AUTOHOLICSANONYMOUS for support!
The Union of Concerned Scientists,as one would expect, generally has good thoughts on nuclear proliferation (...I just noticed another word that PROLIFEration contains... AHA-- Maybe this is where such a mis- label comes from; I always had a hard time figuring that out, since the people that label themselves "prolife" seem to be pro-death in almost every respect, advocatng bringing on their apparantly-cherished armageddon as quickly as possible... But now I see- "prolife" is probably short for "proliferation"- now it makes sense; we can't necessarily accuse them of mis-labeling, though that is indeed a bit deceiptful! (but, lamentably, that's what we have come to expect from a certain crowd.... Proliferation-- uncontrolled population expansion. Double-digit inflation. Nuclear proliferation...Etcera and etcetera... Yeah... man, oh man..).

UCS is fairly good withcalling attention to several enviromental cocerns, most notably global warming, ocean health, and rainforest destruction, to name a few. But when it comes to transportation they seem to soften up and turn to milktoast mush.
One example of what I mean is their stress on miniscule 'fuel-efficiency improvements' in the transportation area ignoring the obvious necessary solutions, as well as some huge problems with the current scenario, which which much of this page is directed.They sent an e-mail requesting support for a bill fuel-efficiency improvements, without adaquetly stressing problems such as the explosion in the numbers of cars. Of course they may have a point if the reason for this is that they think nobody would listen if they advocate what really needs to be done. However, they have a better chance of influencng such things than anyone else, due to the fact that, amazingly, scientists still have the respect of many Americans.
Click here to see my letter to them (this letter contains almost in its entirety the letter to policians I composed in response to their e-mail, with a few "meta-comments" added...). But every little bit helps; I certainly recommend support of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Some Other Ecological and Social Considerations and Action:

Andthey sawed the Branches on Which they Sat... (one of my favorite poems by Bertold Brecht)
We can STOP SAWING!***
...but, how do we find the strength in the depths of our lives to stop this pitiful, self-destructive branch-sawing HEREUSED TO be the place to click for some info....,)
but the f'ing CORPERATE DICTATORSHIP has SNUFFED that link. WORSE-than-snuffed, in fact- they seem to have APPROPRIATED it! Someday, I'll see if I can find another good one that springs up before the net is completely taken away from us (it's well on the way in a multitude of insidious ways--I should have saved it-- sorry about that)-in the meantime, after being sure you NEVER buy ANYTHING that's advertised on that page, you can try searching underenvironmental activism, peace, human rights, animal rights, etc.)

(If you find any good links along these lines, please let me know!)

...AND THERE ARE YET MORE ways to STOP SAWING on those branches "on which we sit"--
--Note: If only we could end this state of being so divided into all these little groups. To DO ANYTHING we need to all GET TOGETHER- perhaps under the banner of the Green Party, I would suggest. This is of course difficult for us, because our ranks (necessarily) contain all of the people who areboth intelligent enough to see and courageous enough to act on our vision, and people with both intelligence and courage are the hardest in the world get together on anything! But we CAN DO IT- We MUST- we are at the end of our rope; of our lifeline, as it were.....! Spread the word, in whatever way you can! ...Well excuse the tirade-- here's the continuation of thelist: 
(especially any I find out about that that I didn't see on the list above.
"Other Ecological...")

Worldwatch Institute--a prime source of totally objective and forward-looking information containing lots of numerical data; i.e., lots of dismal statistics, but if you wade through these (and overcome any depression you encounter as a result ofTHINKING...), you get to some really well-thought-out ideas on some ofthe things we really need to do, and other things we might want to try,to ensure the future well-being of the children of the world who will have to deal with what we leave them!
(To go directly to some of their essays, clickthis hypertext!)

Zero Population Growth-- Now (ooops--like everything else they just decided they had to get more milk-toast; or, at least choose a more milk-toast name!...)-- So now they're the "population connection"
..but WHY couldn't they at least keep the SAME WEB- ADDRESS?!!! But hopefully, they're still a group who notices that population growth is the most pressing issue for human beings at this time-- the way things are rapidly going, if we DON'T take the bull by the horns and completely reduce our population growth to 0 (preferably less!) within the next 50 years, we will witness (and be part of!...) the most intense misery ever faced by humanity. It is interesting to observe that the use of ANY MEANS POSSIBLE, to prevent this catastrophe will probably cause less suffering than to do nothing, or less than nothing (as the so- called"conservative" (certainly a misnomer here!) politicians say they want...(perhaps having interpreted certain religious teachings with a nihilistic twist...)). Of course I'm too much of an optimist to advocate violence in any way, but if our numbers increase much more our very existence becomes violence by definition!
(I'd even go so far as "TWO OR LESS, OR YOU'RE A ****ing MASS- MURDERER!" (alot more of one than any abortionist ever is!!!-THINK about it!))(but only, of course AFTER you READ this page... (so are the 'view'ers off the hook? (maybe not when they read THIS (but ignorance and inabiliy to READ are rampant, so,...(but even, after reading THAT? ---no-- it is indeed most difficult, to really think. The more one is admonished, the more he or she will stick to the wrong views and ignore their higher nature's clamoring...( But please, folks; let's try- the stakes are REALLY HIGH!))))).Sing it: "Please, folks, (*ta daoupa daoupa doaupa*) lets TRY!/
The Stakes are gettin' really really really really high!!"
(*daoupa ta daoupa , pa daoupa zaoup toaupa,..*)

(****= "mandatory expletive deleted--PLEASE excuse the vulgarity"!

...Somebody BESIDES "yours truly"!!! Wow!--
--Check it out: "Earth Meanders": "Viva La Earth Revolution: a Sustainable Future by All Means Necessary", By Dr. Glen Barry (http://www.environmentalsustainability.info/), January 30, 2005.)
--If that link dies, here's a copy (permission to copy is posted on the site) "Earth Meanders, Viva La Earth Revolu....".

Natural Resources Defence Council--(These guys seem o.k., from what I've read.)

"Our" Green Party in tompkins Co.,or Green Party (Ireland),or Green Parties in America--(the key to undoing activists' fragmentation-- they're starting to really do it in some countries!--see comment above! (..but why is there a Chicago address on this page? Well, maybe not having a "main page"-- decentralizing--is good, but only if the same result can be achieved, which I doubt....)

HERE's kind of a "clearinghouse for action" on various issues. HOPEFULLY it's not a ... ...'clearinghouse for action'... set up by the TRASHERS to divert the concerned citizens' attention and waste their time so they become less effective! I see more and more of this kind of thing all the time. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR SOURCES! And stay with the most important issues! It's somerimes hard to figure these out, but let's do the best we can!

People For the American Way 
--not what you might suspect- these folks are in fact working to preserve and restore what the "founding fathers" had in mind in 1783 or thereabouts, as far as liberty and basic rights go-- that is, the real American ideal, not all this 'patriotic' b.s. that's being bandied about these days by the reigning corporate dictatorship!
And here's another source "to expand and inspire the movement for Environmental sustainability" (all kinds of interesting looking links; I'd tested many as of 7/27/97, but who knows now--I'll check it out when possible...):
Institute for Global Communications.

And .. Do you like DIRECT ACTION!? With NO COMPROMISE? Then here are thefolks for you (but lets get them with the green party too.--NO COMPROMISE,but we need to at least make the situation better for us than it is! Wecan't do much direct action if we're all sittin' in jail, and thats wherethose rectal abysses like Newt and George (NY governor-I'm from the east) want us; weve GOTTA stop 'em from getting elected! ):
NO- this one got snuffed, too- see below.
They HAD a great gopherpage too, with lots of essays! Yes! --what we need is WORDS! A picturemight be like a thousand words in some cases, but takes a thousand timeslonger for us less-financially-fortunate persons' computers to load! Andonly WORDS! have the power to coordinate ACTION!-- BUT the CORPORATE DICTATORSHIP DOES NOT LIKE WORDS! It likes things that go ding-a-ling, things that buzz, and things that seem to go fast enough to leave all the havok it has created far behind, where responsibility for seas of suffering has long been kost! As a result the scumbags have apparently seems SNUFFED it OUT!

However, now Earth First DOES have this page: Earth FIRST! (but the corporate dictatorship does have a victory to show here, nevertheless (ding-a-ling-a-ling!)-- older browsers probably can't read this ...'new'... Earth First page.....)-- let E.F. know if that's the case for you! KEEP IT READABLE!! PLAIN TEXT!! I mean, look how fast my page loads! Why can't all pages be like this? Or has our confidence about what we're doing sunk THAT low, having been under brutal atack for so long?
Now, WHICHOF US IS ACTUALLY DOING ALL THIS SAWING-on those wonderful brancheson which we sit? (click the hypertext for what most of us know but thatsome of us don't have the COURAGE to admit.)

..Now here is Onething we can all do to help slow the progress of the world as it careensdown those proverbial tubes which are being greased diligently by numerous leaders who, mislead and coerced by anti-environmental interests of various sorts waving wads of greenish gray paper, keep their heads pointedly inthe sand: WRITE TO THEM! I try to do this to ... (click the hypertext above for the rest of my little schpiel and some (as current as I can manage, but I may have difficulty at times maintaining this section) examples...)

...AND... ...

...Look At THIS!!!

Talk about horrible stories about lack of BAsic freedoms! Do we have the right to hear what our leaders are ACTUALLY SAYING, or should we, "the proletariat", as they say, be FORCED to hear only what the corporate dictatorship-run ...'media'.. WANTS US TO HEAR? A person was ARRESTED after he got MUGGED by police and they stole his tape recorder, with which he was taping the democratic national convention, I think it was..... (this story, even though it reeks of ..'objectivity'.. (yeah, right...) will surely be snuffed out by the 'media', I'd bet...)(to make the media medi...OCRE!, at best, is their apparent plan..) And if nobody has a hard copy, well, what was said was ....'never said'; was "just 'blogger's hearsay'", in the current lingo.... ...EH?) What ISZZZZZ this?! ...You're about20 years late, but welcome home, big brother!Please let me apologize for my HORRIBLE language here-[- the whole page should be full of expletives, when describing such unbelievably criminal government police state actions; not to have it such is, I admit, extremely vulgar!] DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHERE I CAN GET A COPY OF WHAT REALLY WENT DOWN? Anybody that has a tape or a (REAL) transcript, please send it to me- I'll try to get it posted all over.Also, next time there is an important speech that should be recorded, I believe the americans with disabilities act (passed when we had a freely, (or at least, a little, more freely than today...) elected government) may allow people who, for example, have memory impairment due to an injury or illness, to tape such speeches freely-- thus it may may be harder for them to deny such a person's rights. Then tapes would be in existence, and could even be subpoenaed to be heard-- ...but isn't there some kind of 'freedom of information act'?What ever happened to THAT???

Dave's "curriculum vita" (resume)

Lyme disease sucks!... .

(.. but NOWHERE NEAR as bad as this sick ....'nation'..'s pitiful health ...'care'-yeah-right (or is it ... ...'health'... ... CARE...?)--... system SUCKS!!!).. This is my still-unfolding story of the last few years.

ACT NOW For Effective Treatment for Lyme Disease Victims
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