One thing we can all to to help slow the progress of the world as it careens down those proverbial tubes which are being greased diligently by numerous leaders who, mislead and coerced by anti-environmental interests of various sorts waving wads of greenish gray paper, keep their heads pointedly in the sand, is to write to them! I try to do this to some extent despite finding it very difficult to do. THIS link will hopefully get you to current examples, if and when I can get them on the net....Please make comments, as I would like to hear what people are thinking! (or even what they think they're thinking (or, at least, what they SAY that they think that they're thinking...)) Sometimes, I will see that I was not thinking logically on something, or I will see how something I say might be interpreted differently than I intended, or all sorts of good stuff....That's another thing we need to start--but only AFTER THINKING!-- talking. THe optimal path can be discovered only through persevering eternally in the cycle of THINKING!, TALKING!, and DOING! And we mustn't ever TALK! without THINKING!, or DO! without TALKING!, or we could easily end up charging headlong down the wrong path! To Dave Streater's home page