Dave Streater

Ithaca, NY

music ("classical", jazz): performance (piano), piano lessons, music composition

urban ecology / transportation-action: TA (Transportation Alternatives), Green Party, Union of Concerned Scientists, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Transportaion Options, environment, Alliance for a Paving Moratorium, other auto-free, car-free; bicycle & other alternative transportation advocate...

recreation: sailing, windsurfing, cross-country skiing


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Dave's "curriculum vita" (resume)

Of course, MUSIC INSPIRES us, in many ways, to FIGHT FOR PEACE, HAPPINESS, AND JUSTICE! (Those thus inspired may click the link for many enlightening thoughts-- but be sure to read any warnings given about the riskiness, here in our current ...'society'..., of doing so.)

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Worldwatch Institute-- a prime source of objective and forward-looking information containing lots of numerical data; i.e., lots of dismal statistics, but if you wade through these (and overcome any depression you encounter as a result of THINKING...), you get to some really well-thought-out ideas on some of the things we really need to do, and other things we might want to try, to ensure the future well-being of the children of the world, who will have to somehow deal with what we leave them!
(To go directly to some of their essays, click this hypertext!)

Here is a window on our 'nation'..'s pitiful health ...'care'.... 'system'...
ACT NOW For Effective Treatment for Lyme Disease Victims

And they sawed... the branches on which they sat... --Bertold Brecht; click the hypertext for the rest of the poem... To put it more directly. 'we' (under ...'our'... self-appointed dictator, geeDubya Nush) are screwing up the world very, very quicly-- it may already be beyond repair.

However, WE CAN, if we summon up our Buddha- Nature, find the strength in our lives to STOP SAWING these proverbial branches on which human beings' continued existence in this world IS PRECARIOUSLY PERCHED!

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